BRIEF: Children with PID often struggle to make lasting friendships. Their lack of an immune system can keep them out of school and away from their friends, which is hard for kids to understand.
IDEA: Create a platform of education and inspiration that makes learning about PID a fun thing to do.
EXECUTION: By turning Takeda’s companion bear, IGI, into a magical animal we created an imaginative world of PID.
The first piece in the campaign, the PID explanation film for schools:
After the huge success of the film, we created a follow up comic book that showed the origin story of how Jamie met IGI, and when he got diagnosed with PID. It covered all his fears and worries to help alleviate any anxiety newly diagnosed kids with PID might be feeling:
After the comic book was established, we created a Top-Trumps style card game for kids with PID to play with their friends or family called 'IGI's Adventures: The Card Game'. It includes all the characters from the film and the comic book, as well as new ones.
The cards were a fun and engaging way to teach them about the immune system, from things like bacteria trying to cause mischief, to mucus there to protect them. Below are a selection of my personal favourites.
The final piece for the campaign was 'IGI's Imaginarium'. The disease is so rare, kids don't know anyone else with it. They have nobody to talk to about it who knows how they feel, and nobody to look up to.
We showed different kids from all around the world with PID. They show a bit of their life, before they sit down with an illustrator who draws anything they can think of, whether it's their dream day, or an imaginary planet.
Kids with PID could now have someone else to look up to with the condition, as well as being shown they can be as creative and imaginative as 'normal' kids, and to not let their condition hold them back. We had the illustrations printed and gifted to all the kids at the end.
Thankfully, you made it to the end. Thanks for scrolling.
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