Elevating a patient story through beautiful cinematography.
Directed by James Stapleton.
BACKGROUND: PID is a condition where your body's immune system is missing or doesn't work properly. Patients are massively fatigued and get sick frequently, and severely. It's a rare condition, and can take well over a decade to diagnose. An infusion of plasma every few weeks, even done at home, means they can live life normally.
BRIEF: Build empathy for PID patients with HCPs, helping to get others diagnosed earlier, and on the right treatment.
IDEA: Show a patient story like no other. Show the struggles with the condition and treatment, and the determination these patients have to live a normal life.
EXECUTION: Mike's story told through beautiful cinematography. His wife had sadly passed, and he was raising his three sons by himself. Despite his condition, his drive to be the best father he could be was inspiring. His eldest plays college basketball in Chicago. Based in Detroit, Mike would drive 5 hours every 2 weeks just to watch him play. 
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